Monday, 7 April 2014

Granny Square Towers

Hello Ladies and Gents and how are we all today? Today is a grey and merky day but with flowers in bloom it most definitely feels like Spring!

Spring Flowers
Since writing last time, I mentioned I had been making granny squares so I thought I best share my experience with you.The main reason for making granny squares is that I want to make and afghan blanket and an afghan blanket is basically built up of many granny squares!

Like always, the first thing I did was look for some great tutorials on YouTube - I find that as a beginner learning by watching someone else is easier than reading a pattern - especially as I'm not sure what a lot of the crochet abbreviations mean yet (this will be another blog soon). I selected the following YouTube clip as it was clear and slow (please note that this an American tutorial so the crochet language is different to a British) Easy to crochet classic granny square . I also like the fact that she changes colour - it actually makes it easier to follow and more learning in one go!

After watching the clip numerous times, I gave it a go. After a lot of pausing,
Granny Square
forwarding, stopping and tantrums I completed a granny took me about an hour to do, but I was pleased I had done it! Top Tip: Please keep going... as I said it took me an hour to complete my first square but it was worth it! I treated this as a target and aimed to complete the next one in the same time or less! After making numerous granny squares I can now make one in around 20 minutes.... smiles all round!

So there you have it... next time I'll go into more detail about my afghan blanket however... here's a top tip... buy a pattern first!

Top Tips
  • Equipment: Yarn, hook and scissors
  • Please keep going... as I said it took me an hour to complete my first square but it was worth it!
Useful Website

  • Easy to crochet classic granny squares by Yolanda Soto Lopez -

Happy Crocheting x

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