Sunday, 6 January 2013

Blogging is a stitch...

Hello ladies and gentlemen.. my name is Amy and I'm a devoted follower of alternative fashion. Welcome to my first blog, I'll tell you a little about me, what I like to get up to and my plans for the future.

First of all... blogging is a stitch! It's taken me about 308 minutes to get an understanding of this website and how to set up a profile. I'm sure I'll be picking things up along the way but I would really appreciate any hints and tips, so feel free to give me pointers...

Me.. well I've being following alternative fashion for a few years and like many I love to dress up and make a teeny-weeny bit of loads of effort in creating the appropriate look for the occasion. The good news is that the scene is becoming increasingly popular and quality gear is becoming more and more available (for not insane prices). Shops/designers like Vivien of Holloway, Dolly Dare and Miss Fortune are producing some really stunning pieces for all occasions, whether it be hitting the tiles, shopping in Soho or walking the guinea pig. It's also good to mix things up.. new or old it doesn't really matter as long as it looks like you haven't tried too hard and you feel confident enough to hit the streets and bars. The right look will have you feeling a million bucks; whenever I'm feeling a lil' blue, I put my hair in rollers, slap on the red lips and.. well.. kick some ass!

Something I have always wanted to get involved in is making stuff. As a child I was always quite creative but over the years my hands-on creativity has dwindled.. I guess life has just got in the way! I've decided to take charge of my limited free time and use some of it to stitch.

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