Sunday, 20 January 2013

My New Toys

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen on this wintery evening...

All week I had been looking forward to the weekend (as always) as I had been planning to go into Central London to buy some bits to assist in my next sewing project. With the snow falling, the temperature dipping and no tube all weekend (engineering works) I thought my plans may have been scuppered, but with high hopes I put my rollers in on Friday night hoping the UK annual day of snow would pass. I was heavily disappointed when I woke up Saturday morning to find there was snow everywhere and it was even colder! I started to throw a strop as I don't like to buy my sewing bits over the internet as I enjoy the whole experience and the bleak weather was really a turn off. BUT before my mood wound out of control I decided that the only answer was to wrap up, shut up and drive into town... and I'm so glad I did. With the weather being so bleak the roads were dead and parking was easy to find and free. I dashed to the Northern line and by 2pm I was in town, lurking about.

After a few detours (via Author where I picked up some great shoes in the sale) I ended up at MacCulloch and Wallis. I do love this shop. I love the fact it is spread over three floors - each floor hiding that perfect gem to aid with your sewing magic. I headed straight to the haberdashery section and found the items on my shopping list - some Gutterman yellow thread (made in Greece) and a Pyrm 60cm Rotary Cutter (made in Japan). The reason I bought the rotary cutter is because when I made my tote bag I noticed that some of edges were not particularly straight and thought this would be added by the rotary cutter. On taking my items to the counter a woman (who was purchasing a great deal of sewing delights) advised me to buy a spare blade as you don't want a blunt blade when starting on a new project. What a great idea I thought and luckily they had them in stock so I snuck this through the till as well. A great little spend - now I just wanted to go home and use it!

Before going home, I popped over the other side Oxford Street and ventured into John Lewis as although I love to support the independents (and try too), I like to look there for ideas and bench marking of stuff. Well, it made me even more delighted when the Prym 60cm Rotary Cutter was £10 less in MacCulloch and Wallis than John Lewis - I was shocked! £10 is a lot of money and can buy you a lot of crafty bits. John Lewis - shame on you! I also looked at the quilting rulers as I think this will aid in achieving straight lines, but refrained from buying as I would used the metal ruler I all ready have.

That was trip in the snow and cold had been worthwhile. I wanted to use my rotary cutter straight away but I had to think where my craft mat was and bum, it was in the garage - the weather had to have the last attack! Anyway, the Sunday came with yet more snow but I had to get in the garage and find my craft mat (I have had the mat for years as I used to make cards and new it would come in handy some day!). I found my craft mat and unleashed the blade. Now be warned it achieved the results I wanted - some nice clean lines - but the blade is extremely sharp - but I was so happy that I have now the tools to ensure my next project will be a success! 

So all tools ready, fabric has arrived and now I need to practice my mitered corners before I make my first head scarf... roll on next weekend!!

Happy Sewing x

My temporary sewing box

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