Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hosiery... mission complete

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

With the weather still being horrific, I have had plenty of extra time to surf the world wide web and look at things all weird and wonderful. It was during one of my random searches that I stumbled across a brand of hosiery I've not heard of before called 'Silkies'. 

Now this is where my dilemma starts... hosiery and my legs aren't a match made in heaven. For years I have battled with it -  either they ladder as soon as you put them on, the gusset is down to my knees, hold-ups and stockings only end up at my knees, it says it fits size up 160 lbs and they don't, etc, etc - I just don't understand why sizings aren't more uniform! My legs are 32" long and my thigh is 24" wide - which I'm unsure if this is unusual or not, but finding hosiery seems to be a mission... until now.

So by considering the dilemmas I thought 'what the hay' and bought the 'Silkies' in a size large. A couple of days later the tights arrived - I ripped open the bag to try them on and I was amazed - it was like these tights were made for me. Snug, good bum support, sheer and a good colour (taupe) - the sizing on the packet actually was right! 

Because of my elation I thought I would share with you the other hosiery items I have had great success with...

Silkies (size large)
I think I have gone on about these enough. The only snag is that they are an American company so need to buy these online or if you find them in a store in the UK please let me know!

Tabio (size medium/ large) - my favourite store is in Covent Garden.
I love tabio opaque tights. These are a great every day tight and they fit really well and the elastic holds even after 100's of washes! I wear the 60 denier opaque black tights to work and they have never let me down. In all my years of wearing them they have worn out before they laddered so this, to me, is an awesome thick tight. They also do great footless tights which I wear in the summer and along with some cute socks.

Wolford (size medium to large) - my favourite store is on Regent Street.
Now these are a great tight for body shaping. I have a pair of their footless tights and they hold you in at at all the right places. They also do great hold ups (which I wore to my wedding) and other sexy undergarments.

What Katie Did (size large in stockings/ size extra large in hold ups) -  Portabello Rd, Notting Hill
This shop will not only satisfy your lingerie needs, but will also complete your hosiery requirements. As mentioned in a previous blog, they have sadly discontinued their hold ups but they were a perfect fit and I still have three unopened packs in storage! For stockings the large fits me like a glove and I love the fact you can wash them and they don't snag even on a thin denier.

I think the key to hosiery shopping is to know your body. This may sound simple, but I know this is where I have fallen into the trap. I have now taken to measuring every part of my body so I stop making mistakes and wasting my hard earned cash. If it just says 'to fit 160 lbs' I'm going to resist the bargain (that is always followed by disappoint) and just buy what I know looks good and feels right OR thoroughly look into the size guide before purchasing.

Happy Hosiery x

P.S. I'm going shopping for thread today so I can continue on my sewing journey...


  1. My favorite hosiery item are these really cheap seamed stockings from They have nude stockings with a nude seam, which is hard to find unless you're looking at expesnive repros but anyway, I bought 3 pairs of them- they last a long time, very comfortable and come in plus sizes too! I have a lot of vintage stockings but the modern ones have a lot more stretch and fit a tall girl quite nicely :)

    1. Oh thank you for this useful information... I will definitely check them out :)