Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pearlescent Paradise and Victory Rolls to Boot

Hello Ladies and Gents,

My vacation has finally arrived and one of the best ways to start the break is a trip to Rockalily Cuts. After not going for 17 weeks last time I thought I would not leave it so long to banish my root growth - so I booked an appointment for a colour and a rough blow dry a mere eight weeks from my last appointment.

So, I arrived and was greeted by the lovely Emma, Ryan and Emily (Ree Ree and Lucie are currently in Las Vegas, VLV16 - the lucky ladies). Emma was just finishing off another clients hair and then it was my turn in the hot seat. Emma applied the colour to my roots and I was left to cook. After 40 minutes or so my roots were completed and it was time to add the toner. Now, after my last experience I thought I would never hear myself say it but I asked for a different toner to be applied to my hair. I normally have a blonde toner, but instead I went for a pearlescent one to make my hair have a lilac/ pink tone to it. Emma applied this and my hair turned a super colour - and with no added drama this time.

Whilst I had my toner on I asked if Emily would like to style my hair to give her
the opportunity to practice some vintage styles. She jumped at the chance so when my toner was rinsed off I had my hair dried and styled by Emily. Let me tell you a bit about Emily. Emily is a 21 year old young lady from Weymouth who is currently at Rockalily Cuts for work experience. She is training to be a hairdresser and by the looks of things a very successful one! Emily curled my hair and then put in two victory rolls.... I was very impressed and loved her enthusiasm - this lady will go far.

Again, I can not express how much I love Rockalily Cuts. It truly is a great salon   - welcoming, friendly and relaxing - with a very skilled and talented team of stylists.  I can't wait for my next visit!

Thanks to Emma, Ryan and Emily for a great afternoon... see you soon x

Emily and my new doo...

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