Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Minnie Moons and Seamed Stockings

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My vacation started with a bang (or should I say victory roll) by having a successful and fabulous trip to Rockalily Cuts. So how was I to match this on day two? By going to What Katie Did and having a moonicure by Minnie Moons of course! The last event I attended at What Katie Did with Lipstick and Curls was a real delight so when I saw 'Vintage Manicures with Minnie Moons' advertised I just jumped on it. I've always wanted my nails like this as it was a big part of the 1940s/ 1950s look. I've looked at many websites and blogs for inspiration - a great blog is Fashionable Forties: The buildings of a 1940s wardrobe (link: http://fortieswardrobe.blogspot.co.uk/2011/02/1940s-nails.html ) so without hesitation, I looked what was on the menu and went for the 'Full Moonicure (extensive cuticle work, buffing, shaping and painting with half moons/tips)'. With this in mind, I started to grow my nails and look after them like they have never been looked after before.

Nails on my honeymoon (2008)
From a young age my nails have had a battering - the main reason was netball. I started playing netball at the young age of 10 and continued until I was 25. Netball being an alleged non-contact sport required short nails otherwise they were deemed as a lethal weapon (well, they are the way we played in the West Country!) so at the beginning of each game out came the nail clippers and snip snip they were gone. With this and the added bonus of having weak nails my nails have been constantly ignored. The only time they have looked any good was when I got married...and they were not even mine! Anyway, I thought I would treat myself and have these adorable nails done and embarked on growing them for two weeks.

Nails before...plus a slipper
The day arrived, so with my new hair, I left my home wrapped up to keep away the arctic hurricane and went to What Katie Did, Portobello Rd. Now, as you all ready know, I totally love this shop. It just sells the finest vintage lingerie, well fitting and beautiful stockings, glamorous Besame make-up, stunning Bernie Dexter dresses and now Miss L Fire shoes as well - I don't think this shop will ever stop pleasing me. I arrived at the door and was welcomed in by the friendly staff. Sharon from Minnie Moons was there - so I went in and started to have my nails beautified.

Sharon from Minnie Moons
Before starting on my nails, Sharon (aka Minnie Moons) discussed what colours I would like on my nails. There was a wide range of colours from red to green, but as it was my first time I went for the classic red (OPI Big Apple Red) and silver moons. Once the selection was made Sharon dipped, creamed, buffed, cuticled and filed my little nails before starting to paint. As she was doing this we talked about everything and anything from foxes to nails (obviously)! Sharon told me some great tips about how to look after my nails - none of them which I do but from now on I will! 

Red with silver moons
After an hour in the hot seat my nails were complete... gleaming and sparkly in all their moonicure glory. Now comes the hard bit - not to touch anything to stop them from smudging - and I'm pleased to inform you I was a good girl and did not smudge any of them! On my way out I was handed a little goodie bag of some What Katie Did black seamed stockings and a Lindt Easter egg - perfect!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Sharon of Minnie Moons and to all at What Katie Did for a wonderful morning. Please, please, please get together again, I will be first to book. 

Happy Moonicures x

P.S. I'm writing this 4 days on and they still look as good as when they were done!!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I love the half moon manicure - yours look so lovely :)


  2. Thanks for the compliments - it was my first time, but definitely won't be my last.