Thursday, 14 February 2013

Eyebrows... the Vintage Way

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen...

Way back in the early noughties I graduated from university. I couldn't wait to get my photos of the graduation day. When they came through the post I took one glance and almost died as I never had realised how bad my eyebrows were. They were like two privet hedges perched on my forehead. For some reason this photo captured them in all their hairy glory and at once I had to attack them with a Flymo. Since moving to London eyebrow maintenance has been much easier as there are plenty of places that do brow-maintenance and my preferred method is threading. I actually find threading almost relaxing. Threading is by far the best way to remove those pesky hairs - it removes all the fine ones and gives you a great shape... that is if you don't want anything other than a standard TOWIE. Since following the alternative look I have asked numerous different threading beauticians to do the 1950s arched eyebrow.... but to my disappointment all have said "no".

Recently I found out that Lipstick & Curls were doing a Vintage Mini Makeover over at What Katie Did in Notting Hill. Lipstick & Curls specialises in vintage hair and make-up and they featured in lots magazines, worked with a number of different vintage clothing brands and have worked with celebrities including the late great Amy Winehouse. I read what delicious treatments were on offer and to my delight I noticed 'Brow Grooming Session, Pluck, Shape and Style!' on the list. This could be just the ticket for the style I've been after for ages so I made an appointment and allowed the little buggers to grow like a meadow.

Eventually the time of my appointment came which was handy as I had the Amazon Rain-forest growing on my brow. I got ready in usual fashion, applied make-up but held back on the eyebrows. It's surprising how much eyebrows finish off your face and I did feel a little naked when I left the flat. Here is a picture before (this is approximately eight weeks growth):


For those that don't know I thought I'd better let you know a bit about What Katie Did. What Katie Did is a faux vintage lingerie and hosiery boutique located at the north end of Portobello Road, Notting Hill. WKD offer the most gorgeous selection of underwear ranging from bullet bras to waist cinchers to stockings. They also sell Besame cosmetics and Bernie Dexter pieces (I was lucky enough to receive the Bernie Dexter Scarlett Poppy dress at Christmas). WKD is one of London's retail gems tucked away in a discrete location under the Westway and in my opinion independents like WKD make London... well... London. In the past twelve months I've bought some gorgeous lingerie and the best stockings and hold ups and it's a real pleasure to shop there. The girls are always friendly and helpful (and stunning). On this occasion Katie herself was there and it was a real pleasure to meet the lady who is the inspiration for the lingerie and hosiery.

As I was there I tried on a few things and of course I was itching to buy but January/February are not good months for my bank balance. So I finished my cuppa and got myself ready for preening. I was greeted by Amanda from Lipstick & Curls. She sat me down and started plucking my eyebrows... I felt a bit sorry for her as they were very untidy but she charged on and after 15 minutes the job was done! Verdict...... WOW! Amanda had given me the perfect eyebrows, she had finally given me the look I have been after for ages!

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Amanda of Lipstick & Curls and to all at What Katie Did for a wonderful morning. Please, please, please get together again, I will be first to book. 

Happy Eyebrows!x


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