Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Rockalily Cuts and Pink Flashes!

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

A subject that always has been close to my heart (or should I say my head) is my hair. Since being a teenager I have been obsessed with it - from the colour, to the cut to the style. I would describe my natural hair as dark blonde and fine and a bit volume-less. In my teenage years and still to this day, I'm always looking at products to help add volume to my hair starting with shampoos and conditioners and then styling products. One thing I have always loved is the excitement of the hairdresser experience. From the time I make the appointment I think about what to have done: short, bleached, red, trimmed, highlighted - I'm sure I bore everyone to tears talking about it! For a while now I've been going to Rockalily Cuts on Kingsland Road, E2. 

Rockalily Cuts, Hoxton

My latest visit was at the weekend; I booked it weeks ago and have been looking forward to it ever since. I showered, dressed, put headscarf on (to hide my dirty great rootz) and off I trotted. Transport links to the salon are super with the nearest overground station being Hoxton (and there's tons of local buses).

As soon as you grace Rockalily Cuts you see straight away its like no other salon you've been to before. It's totally unique and very special. Every effort has been made to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. There is real attention to detail in making the shop look and feel different to the norm; it's like no other salon you've been to. I was offered a nice homely cuppa (I've been offered Babycham before) while I waited for the gorgeous Lucie.

Roots 'r' us
Lucie (stylist and creator of hair magic) ushered me into her chair and told me to whip off (oo-err) my headscarf. I did and revealed some of the longest roots known to man. To put it in perspective they were longer than some motorways; but then I haven't been for 16.. that's right, SIXTEEN WEEKS! This is definitely too long and I will try my hardest to go at least every 10-12 weeks in future. Lucie went on the attack and began mixing the colour to banish the roots; then she applied enhancer and I sat there cooking away like a cupcake.

Enhancer added

Whilst the colour was doing its thing Lucie and I chatted about having a pink flash on the underside of my hair. Now I have been talking about this for months and months but when it comes to hair I'm a bit of a wuss. Sounds daft doesn't it? I have a tattoo of a half naked pin up girl on my leggy and I'm worried about a lil' splash of pink in my hair... so I thought funk it and decided to go for a candy-floss pink!

Pink flash

So after half an hour in the oven it was time for my hair to be washed. It was a wash combined with a lovely head massage... very relaxing. Lucie then parted my hair ready to add my pink flashes! As she was applying the dye to my locks I started to panic a bit because out of the bottle the dye looked more like lobster colour! As soon as it went on I wanted it off but Lucie and Emma were superstars and helped put my mind at rest reassuring me it would all sort itself out. Of course they were right and it was candyfloss pink perfection. I felt very embarrassed for my flip out but was over the moon that it had all gone to plan; sorry ladies, I should never have doubted you!

After the colouring Lucie then carried on with my haircut. I have the utmost respect for her, she is clearly very talented and before long I was sporting a new doo. She dried, curled and then styled my hair in to two perfect victory rolls...... ta-dah, I was complete. My hair was immaculate - creamy blonde, candyfloss pink flashes, perfect cut and styled to full vintage glory. 

Rockalily Cuts is a unique salon in East London - I don't think there is anywhere else quite like it. It is not just a hair salon, it is a place where you go to relax, make friends, chat and when you leave you are guaranteed a truly magnificent cut, colour and style. I actually look forward to my hair growing so you can go back again. I only found out about Rockalily Cuts by chance. I was on the train to Manchester last year and I got chatting to a girl who told me all about it. If we haven't started talking I may never have known about it. 

Thanks to Ree Ree, Lucie and the team for a great day...see you soon x

Vintage magic