Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hair Rats and Faux Bangs

Howdy Ladies and Gents,

Suicide roll
A few of you lovely people have been asking how I do my faux bang so thought I would share my hints and tips with you all.

I have been trying to do a faux bang for ages and always with little success. It ended up all messy and notty so I used to give up and put a roller or a suicide roll in the front - see piccies. Now, I kept thinking to myself that this is lazy so I treated myself to an evening at Rockalily Cuts. Rockalily Cuts holds a 'Retro Hair Styling Workshop' - so I had to attend! ReeRee and Pippa show you all sorts of different vintage hair styles -it's a perfect way to spend an evening talking hair and making some new friends! To my delight one of the styles was a faux bang. The lovely ladies showed us two methods to create the perfect faux bang: a) oh natural with back combing, pins and patience; and 2) a hair rat. As my hair is fine and quite long a hair rat is a definite must have!
Now hair rats come in different shapes and styles ranging from the traditional ones (which basically means stuffing an old stocking with hair from your hair brush) to cutting a ring doughnut in half (not a real one - that would be messy and a waste!). The hair rat I use is a ring doughnut cut in half and then tweaked until the perfect size is achieved. Tip: always make a rat nearest your hair colour. For me, by using a hair rat it helps secure my hair and gives me the security that the bang will last all day.
So with the confidence and tips gained from the retro hair workshop I will share with you how I have perfected the technique (NB: my hair is fine with the fringe being down to my mouth):
    Snap Shots!

  1. You will need: rollers, a hair rat, hair grips, hair clips and hair spray (headscarf optional)
  2. Wash your hair as you would and then side part on both sides and to the crown of the hair - piccie (1). (I actually thinks it works better on dirty hair and this tutorial is done on three day unwashed hair). 
  3. Tie back the rest of your hair so it's out the way and put in your rollers. I split this section of hair in the middle and put six rollers in - piccie (2).
  4. Leave this is as long as possible - preferably over night.
  5. When ready, take out the rollers and your hair will be all curly - piccie (3).
  6. Take a round brush and brush through - piccie (4).
  7. Take your hair rat and curl the hair over your hair rat and roll towards your forehead - piccie (5).
  8. Insert bobby pins to the side - remembering your faux bang should 'smile' and now 'frown'. As I always where my faux bang with a headscarf it does not bother me how messy the top gets as it is covered. If you want to wear it with a pony tail this part will need to be neat (or however you prefer).
  9. Spread the hair (as it should be mostly in the centre of the hair rat) so it covers the hair rat - piccie (6).
  10. Now I put lots of hairspray on mine as I like it rock solid. You can use a pomade to make it shiny - again this is personal preference.
  11. Now if you intend to wear this in a headscarf you will need to tie back your hair. I think a pony tail to hold the headscarf in place does not work so I grip mine.
  12. Tie the headscarf hiding the hair clips and the messy bit on top and ta-dah you're done!
Faux Bang Success
I would say the biggest tip I can give you is confidence and practice! I'm so glad I went to the Rockalily Cuts evening as it gave me the tricks of the hair trade to do it plus by adding my own twist the bang works 99% of the time! 

Happy Faux Banging x
P.S. You'll be pleased to know I have bought the cord for my Mother's Day wash bag and it is now complete. I just need to wrap and post it. Byeeeeee.

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